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HR DIEMEN–EFITER It’s a culture and a way of creating and sharing work, friendship and wealth, and any success is considered the achievement of the will that corporatizes its shareholders and its workers, its clients (manufacturers, distributors, technicians, specialists, researchers, etc. .), to its users and to those who make up its extended family.

Our technology and production engineering guarantee the quality and reliability requirements that our customers require. Our continuous improvement ensures the optimization of our products in terms of innovation and costs, improving our competitiveness and that of our clients.

Our R+D+i department can offer the optimal solution to the needs of your projects, through advisory work and collaboration in your new developments.



Of technologies with scope to acquire new knowledge and a better understanding in the scientific and technological field of the product.



From the results obtained in the scientific and technological investigation of the product, applied in its design and production processes.



In the technological field applied to design, production processes and products.